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I’m building a collection of the best unknown or under-known sketch comedy on the Internet. Basically there is just too much stuff out there, so I’m working on boiling it down to a more reasonable quantity. Everyone knows about what has been on Saturday Night Live, but here is what they don’t want you to see.

Pre-taped call in show

I’m working on making a collection of the best unknown sketch comedy efforts on the Internet. I almost didn’t include this one since the actor in question is now very well known. But way back in 1995 he starred in a late night comedy show called “Mr. Show with Bob and David.” One of the twists of the show involved the fact that all the skits in each show were connected in some way. My favorite piece of work was called the “Pre-taped Call in Show.” Pay attention to how much hair he loses in the three weeks the show has been on the air.